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What is New Braunfels Republican Women (NBRW)?

NBRW is affiliated with the Texas and National Federation of Republican Women with a total membership of over 115,000, the largest, all women's volunteer political organization in the nation. We present outstanding speakers at monthly meetings; we send out quarterly newsletters to our members; and promote an informed electorate through political education. We work closely with other Republican groups to elect conservative, Republican candidates and strive to influence legislation through state and national advocacy programs.

Why should I join?

We have a greater influence on the issues facing our state and nation with a strong membership. Because you are concerned for your family and your country, you can help us to elect conservative, Republican candidates that promote the principles of freedom, equality, and limited government. Participating in politics is important, as it keeps our government honorable and just, and mainintains this nation as the citadel of freedom for ourselves and for those who will follow. Membership offers meaningful ways for members to use their talents and energies.

What would be required of me if I join?

You may be as active as you like, and help is always appreciated! Your contribution of annual dues will help carry on our work.

What is the Patron Program?

The New Braunfels Republican Women Patron Program is a fundraiser which provides a unique opportunity to take your membership to the next level. This special program helps NBRW complete its mission by giving direct financial support to the organization.
**Please note: The Patron Program is separate from, and does not include, your NBRW Membership dues.

Joining is easy and secure online!

Select your membership level, or select Patron, then click "Buy Now." You can pay with PayPal or select "Don't have a PayPal account" to pay with a Debit or Credit Card.

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